Eumundi Markets

Fortuitous Tide

Reminder: Free short story – see below ‘A Pearl for Your Enjoyment.’

My day at the markets – well strictly speaking I was not within the markets – I sat at a table outside the BerkelouW Bookshop at Eumundi – opposite the markets.

Having spent the last several years almost confined to my office and book writing, it was a cultural shock to find myself cheek to cheek with hundreds maybe even thousands of people all at Eumundi to experience the wonderful products and atmosphere of the markets. I don’t think I saw an unhappy face unless it was the little girl who lost the cream out of her ice cream cone. But not for long – her father coughed up another treat – bless him.

Keep smiling, Keep reading, Keep writing.

Current Weather and Tides

Hoping to arrange book talks at some RSL clubs within the local area soon. My nose is sniffing at a new yarn to tell and marketing is falling way behind in the list of priorities.

A Pearl for Your Enjoyment

An excerpt from the novel, “Chill of Blame”.

 Two regiments of the Australian Light Horse spread out in lines across the eastern slopes – waiting. Exhaustion lined every face. The long night march sweeping out into the desert to approach Beersheba from the southeast took its toll on man and beast alike, particularly when sleeping in the chill of the October desert the previous night. To rest their mounts and relieve them of some of their burdens, the men had dismounted and either sat on the ground with heads draped over their knees or they waited next to their horses. Equine heads hung low. Dry tongues stuck to the roof of the arid mouths of men and horses. Some men dozed, some fidgeted with impatience and discomfort; many prayed.

From the other side of the rise, the crash of heavy bombardment and the clatter of machine-guns were accompanied by regular explosions of hand grenades. As well as this, the uninterrupted crack of rifle fire rose over the crest to fall upon the ears of every man.

Billy shook first one of his water canteens and then the other.

Look out for the novel Chill of Blame 2024