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Fortuitous Tide

Reminder: Free short story – see below ‘A Pearl for Your Enjoyment.’

 The weight of each box as I carry it into the house seems no more than a featherweight. My books have arrived. Each box is in good condition – has handled the journey well. Each book must be examined inside and out for faults/damage/errors. The first twenty are completed in a cloud of excitement/thrill/disbelief. After that, the enthusiasm fades as the 420 pages per book are turned one by one. But I do not complain as I stand at the kitchen bench to eat my meals, flavoured with satisfaction. My table is covered with copies of Chill of Blame.

Keep smiling, Keep reading, Keep writing.

Current Weather and Tides

The official release date for the sixth novel Chill of Blame will be the 11th of March 2024.

Blame and Guilt – two sides of a coin – currency for Tragedy and Heartache.

Genre Historical fiction – Adventure.

If this sounds like something you might enjoy, please contact me.

Elizabeth Rimmington



A Pearl for Your Enjoyment

An excerpt from the novel, “Chill of Blame” the official release date is 11th March 2024.

Two regiments of the Australian Light Horse spread out in lines across the eastern slopes – waiting. Exhaustion lined every face. The long night march sweeping out into the desert to approach Beersheba from the southeast took its toll on man and beast alike, particularly when sleeping in the chill of the October desert the previous night. To rest their mounts and relieve them of some of their burdens, the men had dismounted and either sat on the ground with heads draped over their knees or they waited next to their horses. Equine heads hung low. Dry tongues stuck to the roof of the arid mouths of men and horses. Some men dozed, some fidgeted with impatience and discomfort; many prayed.

From the other side of the rise, the crash of heavy bombardment and the clatter of machine-guns were accompanied by regular explosions of hand grenades. As well as this, the uninterrupted crack of rifle fire rose over the crest to fall upon the ears of every man.

Billy shook first one of his water canteens and then the other. A slight smile welcomed the sound of the splash within. He removed the second canteen from about his shoulders, took his hat from his head and turned it upside-down. He poured most of the small amount of fluid into the hat and rubbed the neck of his horse.

“Here, Buckles, it might wet your muzzle at least. It’s not much but it’s all we have until we get to the water wells inside Beersheba over the hill.” The horse slurped and snorted at the fluid inside the hat.

Billy replaced his hat and lifted the canteen to his own lips. He drained the remaining mouthful of water and held it inside his mouth for several moments. After a slow swish around the inside of his cheeks, he let it run down into his gullet. He slung the empty canteen over his shoulder to join the other.

“You do realize, Buckles, this might be our last ride together. I reckon that’s a good enough reason to wear our emu plumes. What do you think?” Billy once again removed the hat from his head. Out of his top pocket, he took a brown paper packet holding the emu feather designated for formal dress only and began to attach it to the band on his slouch hat. “There you are, that’s more like it.”

Buckles nudged his approval almost sending Billy to his knees. Billy looked to his left to where Joe stood leaning against the saddle of his horse. Joe threw him a nod of approval. Billy grinned and then he turned serious…

…“Commander Grant’s up the front. He says to use our bayonets as swords and wishes us the best of luck.”

Many comments were made in reply to the words passed down through the troopers. All in a similar vein.

“Bayonets against artillery, machine-guns, grenades and rifles – the man’s gotta be mad. It’ll be more than luck we’ll be wanting.”

Horses and their riders cast long shadows as the sun approached the horizon. A ripple of anticipation, excitement and no little amount of fear ran through the men on the hill at the first flag-signal to remount.

Look out for the novel Chill of Blame 2024