Fortuitous Tide

Reminder: Free short story – see below ‘A Pearl for Your Enjoyment.’

 The manuscript of the new novel has been up loaded. Within the next few days, the final book cover will be added. And then the ball starts to roll. This is the hardest time of all –waiting to see the parcel of the first book arrive in the mail box. Excitement and fear will have my fingers trembling as I tear open the wrapping. This might be number six novel but as far as the thrill goes, each one has been like the first.

Keep safe, Keep smiling, Keep reading, Keep writing.

Current Weather and Tides

Official release date for the sixth novel Chill of Blame will be the 11th March 2024.

The Blurb

Mabel Daley’s unwavering belief in her son Billy’s perfection, led to his rebellion and defiance as he approached manhood.

Meanwhile, Mabel’s fixation on Joe’s role as protector of his older brother smothered Joe in layers of blame and guilt, threatening to destroy his future. As their family heads towards disaster because of Mabel’s destructive obsession, a greater threat looms over their lives.

Set against the backdrop of the Australian Light Horse’s heroic efforts in the Middle East during the First World War, this tale follows the Daley family as they navigate through the consequences of one woman’s destructive obsession.

Will peace ever return to the family and friends on Billabong Downs?

Elizabeth Rimmington

A Pearl for Your Enjoyment

An excerpt from the novel, “Chill of Blame” official release date is 11th March 2024.

“Bring up the Devil next.”

When Billy approached the Sergeant, he was surprised when the man handed over the reins of a bridled horse at his side. Billy eyed up the brown horse with a fork-like white blaze down the length of its nose. This would have been the last horse he would have picked if given a choice. Restless feet, three white and one brown, stomped the ground. Whites of the eyes flashed out upon the world. Like an angry cat, the horse’s ears lay almost flat against its head.

Only Billy heard the Sergeant’s words. “I’ve been watching you today, Daley. Cocky little rooster ain’t yer? This is your ride.”

Billy raised his eyebrows. His grin flashed. Billy always liked a challenge. He felt the pull of the reins as he walked the horse away several yards. He stopped and ran his hands down the animal’s coat speaking softly. One hand ran down a front leg and lifted the hoof with little objection. He repeated this process on a back leg with no problems.

“Get a move on there, Daley. Yer supposed to be riding the damn horse not making love to the thing.”

Billy ignored the man and spent a few more seconds calming the animal before he gathered up the reins and moved to mount. The blaze on the equine nose reached towards the sky as the horse threw its head up. Billy tightened his hold on the shortened reins. Without any further hesitation, Billy vaulted lightly onto the horse’s back. He pulled the reins in even tighter as he did so and snapped his legs around the horse’s ribs. The horse shuddered and stood still. After several gentle words, Billy moved the horse off to examine the water jump.

Sweat gathered on the horse’s coat. Billy felt the tremble run through the large body. He began his approach at a slow canter waiting for the horse to protest but it took the jump – if not cleanly. Billy felt himself scrambling a little to remain seated as the Devil floundered out of the water on the far side. Unfazed, he guided the animal towards the sod-wall jump. Devil’s head strained against the bridle. Billy kept him on a short leash before they made a jerky slow trot back to begin the approach. He knew beyond a shadow of doubt the horse had no intention of making the jump over the wall. It became a battle of wills. Billy tucked his toes in behind the front legs. He felt a slight hesitation …

Look out for the novel Chill of Blame 2024