Fortuitous Tide

Reminder: Free short story – see below ‘A Pearl for Your Enjoyment’

As you are aware, my next novel will involve the Light Horsemen in WW1. I have had the great fortune to have made a contact in the modern Light Horse who has agreed to assist me with the million and one questions I have.

Current Weather and Tides

In recent weeks it has been one thing after another interrupting my writing time but today, I’m looking down the barrel of two weeks with no other plans. Now, where did I stash that inspiration?

Keep safe, Keep smiling, Keep reading, Keep writing.

Elizabeth Rimmington



A Pearl for your Enjoyment

We had been asked to write something about Climbing Ladders. A friend’s issue with vertigo inspired this piece.

Curlicues of steam rose from his hot coffee as he sipped. Jack’s heart rolled over in his broad chest as he watched Tarla, the love of his life, doing her morning stretches near the front window of his bedroom. A rise in pulse rate and blood pressure flush infused his cheeks while he pondered the endurance of her muscles as well as the seams of her tights as they defied all the laws of physics.  With her knees locked straight, Tarla’s fingers of her tanned arms drifted down her long legs to wind themselves around those slim ankles. His rib cage rattled with the thudding of his heartbeat when those arms which had only recently been wrapped tightly around his neck and body now slithered around her contorted limbs leaving one breast exposed through the neckline of her narrow top.

Tarla’s distorted voice repeated her suggestion twice before the words reached his ears unattended by an overworked brain occupied with other issues.

“Jack, you have a lovely place here in the bush but I did notice the gutters on the roof were overflowing with leaves and twigs when we drove in yesterday. Can I help you clean them later this morning?”

Yesterday? Was it only yesterday? He felt he had known Tarla for a lifetime.

“Jack, are you listening?”

“Yes, yes of course we can do that if you want. Wouldn’t you rather go walking down by the creek? I can do the gutters anytime.”

“I used to love helping my father clean the gutters on our house. We did it at the beginning of every fire season.” The contorted body stood upright with all parts returned to their normal places. “Once we have the gutters cleaned, we can take a picnic lunch down to your creek if you wish.” Through the tangled blond hair, her blue eyes glittered.

“Your wish is my command.” His heart pounded even louder than it had before. The colour left his face. The chair creaked as his body sank even further into the thick green cushions. But Tarla did not notice as she made a beeline for the shower.

Jack leant heavily against the ladder which he had dragged effortlessly if not willingly from the shed and settled securely against the roofline. A bucket holding the cleaning tools swung lightly from Tarla’s hands. Jack turned to face the ladder. Trembling hands shook as he clung to the sides of the ladder and placed one foot on the first rung. Nausea stirred in his stomach and bile reached the back of his throat. Bubbles of sweat rose over his ashen face.

Geez, I can’t do it. I’m going to have to confess to vertigo.

But he was saved the indignity as his newly-discovered tapped his shoulder.

“Jack, can I go up to clean the leaves? Dad always made me hold the ladder for him. I wanted so much to climb the ladder but he would not let me. He was such a chauvinist.”

“Be my guest, but take care. I’ll hold the ladder still.” His smile widened as the colour in his face returned.