Fortuitous Tide

Reminder: Free short story – see below ‘A Pearl for Your Enjoyment’

      RELEASED – 28th November 2022.

Shadows Across Cape York” – the third book in the trilogy following “Shadow of the Northern Orchid” and “Shadows on the Goldfield Track.”

Just in time for those Christmas Presents.

Current Weather and Tides

Chewing on the bit waiting for my copies of the new novel. They have left the depot and are on the way, I believe.

Researching the Australian Light Horse for novel six. Amazing stuff.

Keep safe, Keep smiling, Keep reading, Keep writing.

Elizabeth Rimmington

A Pearl for your Enjoyment

Excerpt from Shadows Across Cape York.

“Devil’s eyeballs! Diver! Birdie, will you look out here?”

Diver Bird’s head lifted at the sound of Curley’s call from the stern of the vessel. His hands never left their hold on the rope and air hoses snaking their way down to Henry below as his eyes opened wide in horror.

“God forbid, that’s one big shark. Hopefully, Henry hasn’t seen it. It’ll frighten the bejesus out of him.” At that moment, Birdie felt the stillness of the man underwater. “I think he may have seen the shark.” Diver Bird’s gaze moved to Ed who stood beside Curley staring into the sea. “You know this fella, Squid. Is he likely to panic?”

Ed shook his head. “In all the years I worked in St. Bart’s hospital with Red, I’ve never seen him flinch at whatever is thrown his way. He spent his early years helping his doctor uncle in the surgery at Cooktown during the height of the gold rush. But a shark wanting to feast on him, I don’t know.”

Birdie next addressed the deckhand now swinging the air pump handle.

“You just keep pumping that air, Teak. Don’t you go watching the bloody shark.”

His gaze returned to Ed whose eyes followed the shark. “Well, you can say a few Hail Marys or just pray Henry keeps perfectly still in the hope the monster isn’t hungry or hasn’t smelt him out yet.”

Curley walked over to where Birdie held the umbilical cords loosely in his fingers straining to sense what may be happening below.

“How long’s he been down there? You said you’d only give him ten minutes. That can be extended if needed as long as we keep the air up to him.”

“Take the rifle up onto the helm deck and watch the bloody shark will you, Curley. Let me know the moment it shifts in any direction. I don’t want to shoot it unless we have to – the blood will start a feeding frenzy with every shark in the ocean inviting themselves along.” Birdie whispered. “Ask Ed and The Eel to come over here in case I have to rush Henry up and he needs medical attention. Quietly, Curley, we don’t want to set everyone on edge.”

But it was a bit late for that. The remainder of the divers and the crew, including the cook from the galley, hung over the side of the ship…