Hi Readers

Hmmm Christmas time again – surprise, surprise. When I was a kid, I thought as a kid.

“Come on, Christmas, hurry up, hurry up.”

Now I have put away childish things. “Oh, just slow down – give me a minute, will you?”

Doesn’t it say something like that in the Good Book? Maybe not quite like that.

But I know Christmas is when Christians celebrate the birth of Christ.

I have another thing to celebrate as the season rushes in upon us – a bit like the south Queensland floods (which reminds me – commiserations go to those with a big clean-up in front of them but happy for those with big smiles on their faces as they watch the green grass shooting up).

This month I have released my latest novel “Rhylla’s Secret” – a bit of a family saga set in Queensland beginning at Townsville, to Mount Isa, along the droving track to Toowoomba, and ends back in Townsville.

Of course, it would never happen without all those supporters behind the scenes. Beta readers, fellow writers, mentors, IT support, bookshops that stock the indie publisher’s works and most of all the readers who keep me on my toes during the writing period with their encouragement: ‘Have you finished the next book yet – I’m waiting?’

During the year I infrequently emerge from my writing den to enjoy this lovely farm and the wonderful wildlife. It is a great haven.

My family will sit down in the heat to our usual seafood Christmas lunch enhanced by delightful salads.

Hoping you have a lovely Christmas too and please keep safe.

Love and best wishes for Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Elizabeth Rimmington

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