A Christmas thought.

Hi readers

When sitting on the bus last week, I overheard a startling conversation. Yes, I know it’s rude to listen in to people’s conversations BUT I am a writer and will seek inspiration from all sources.

Anyway, this is what I heard. “… Oh, Mavis, that will never do for a Christmas present. It is way too cheap. She’ll think you don’t love her if you don’t give a more expensive gift.”

Gobsmacked, I caught my breath. A cold cloak of horror curled itself about my body. Shock filled my soul. Is this the example we are setting the younger generation; love is measured in dollars? I glanced about. Commercial advertising cluttered the view; in my face at every turn. No wonder we transmit that very impression.

I sank into a fugue of depression until I remembered the acts of kindness going on every day in our midst; not just at Christmas. The first to come to mind is the Salvos out in the streets in all weathers and all seasons catering to the needy.  Another is the Meals on Wheels volunteers delivering meals to people in their homes every day. My mind began to swirl thinking of the thousands of volunteers in my own district. Every weekend the children’s sporting clubs come to life with volunteers who make it all possible. Seldom a day’s shopping is not brightened by the sight of a volunteer taking a sparkling-eyed disabled guest on a shopping venture or a wander through the park.

My mental meanderings nearly made me miss my bus stop. I had to scramble to escape before the doors clamped me a prisoner.  The fugue had lifted and enthusiasm whipped up my thoughts. I had my New Year’s Resolution.

I will search in more depth to discover the ways in which our volunteers show love to their fellow man by giving of themselves and their time to provide the less fortunate with love.

My faith in human nature is restored. There are many in the community who believe love is not measured in dollars.

To everyone out there enjoy a Holy, a Happy and a Safe Christmas and New Year break.

From Elizabeth Rimmington

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