Neanderthal Nanny


Newsletter November 2019


“How yer going with yer Technology battle?” I hear you ask. “Given up yet?”

“No!” I answer in a loud voice. A loud voice to cover the cowering inside this fragile shell.

The vibrations of your disbelief humming through the vacuum of cyberspace have rattled my ears.

“Feeling okay about it all then?” Your next question, I know.

Yesterday, Dabs-the-dog (otherwise known as Dabs-the-Head Stockman/dog) and I were out running through the paddocks. I use that term loosely. She (Dabs) might have been running on four legs but I rumbled along on four wheels – the quad bike. There on the muddy bank of the shrinking dam lay an eel; over two feet long. That was not measured by a fisherman’s tape measure, I might add. With a weak flap of its tail, a barely discernible lift of its head, the unseeing eyes bid farewell to life.

“Yep, that’s about how I feel.”

A breath of resuscitation may have come my way via a book I am currently reading. The author is David Gaughran. The book is, and it’s a mouthful, “How to Self-Publish and Why You Should. LET’S GET DIGITAL”. Reading it is like being attacked by a cloud of mosquitoes. The strange words bite at my flesh. They suck on my blood. BUT, gradually, I am beginning to develop an immunity to the sting. Delicate gossamer threads attach a few shreds of knowledge to reluctant grey cells.

“So, NO. I have not called ‘Chicken’, yet.”

Elizabeth Rimmington

Current Weather & Tides

Book Tour is on. What an adventure! What memories! What fun.

There are so many people whom I have to thank. The event organisers and staff at the libraries where the presentations were held have made me feel so welcome. Each library exhibited a wonderland of books and ideas all of its own.

A special mention goes to a treasure trove discovered in Townsville called the Mary Who? Bookstore. This will be a definite pop-in place when I am next in Townsville.

Enjoyed time in an Aladdin’s Cave to be found at Home Hill; Tom’s Toybox. This is of great interest to those who wish to immerse themselves within the amazing glimpses of our country’s past.

Land screaming for rain greeted almost every day of our road trip. One can only wonder at the struggle of those further out who are fighting to survive each day in the drought. This brought to my mind words of wisdom a friend once gave to me.

“Rain will come, it always does. Each day is another day closer to rain.”

Something to look forward to. Christmas is closing in. My efforts will now concentrate on completing and publishing the sequel to “Shadow of the Northern Orchid” which will be “Shadows on the Goldfield Track”. The plan is to have it out pre-Christmas.

A Pearl to Enjoy

Struggling to rise as quietly as possible, and that was no mean feat with the squeaky wires in the bed frame, Sarah made her way to the door. The koala bear that lived in the tree outside her window grunted, making her jump. With shaky legs, she avoided the board near the table that she knew, from experience, creaked loud enough to rattle the windows. Pain screamed in her foot as a splinter penetrated the sole. She clenched her teeth in an attempt to remain silent. With light fingers, she pulled aside the curtain next to the door, ever so slightly. She nearly fell backward at the sound of a man’s slurred voice.

“Open up, Lady Sarah, I’ve come to pleasure you. I know you’ve been pining for me all this long while. Now I’m here. Open this door, woman, it’s cold outside. Take me into your warm bed.”

Sarah froze. She held a hand over her mouth to contain a threatened scream. In the moonlight, she recognized Arthur Rankine standing on her stoop. As soft as a butterfly’s touch, her fingers checked the door bolt was drawn across. Curled up into a ball, she cringed in the corner of the room.