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Follow the continuation of the Shadow Of The Northern Orchid with Elizabeths sequel Shadows On The Goldfield Track

Review of Shadow of the Northern Orchid:

This book was a joy to read, it captured my imagination straight away and took me on a wonderful journey, delivering on so many levels. It had depth, humour, romance and some graphic descriptions, and it left me sad when I reached the end. However, I was delighted to see that a sequel is currently being written which will include many of the same characters and will be set in the Goldfields of Australia.



I don’t want to give too much away and spoil the book for others, but the author transported me back in time to the 1860’s in Brisbane and along the coast of Queensland and New South Wales. She illuminated the hard life and times of the characters and kept the pace going to the conclusion. It is beautifully written with lovely attention to detail, the characters are powerful and they pulled me into their lives, conveying me back to another world. The period detail was spot on and the emotional lives of the characters were very real and touching. I felt as if I could smell the sea and the steam engine whilst sailing on the Northern Orchid.

I was really drawn into the story and wanted to carry on reading and as a result I am really looking forward to the sequel. Please carry on writing, your first book was a very enjoyable experience.


D. Cogle, Scotland.

Review of Shadows On The Goldfield Track:

It was great to meet up with the Northern Orchid characters again. They were easily remembered although some time had passed. The section set in London was exciting. Newcomers to Australia are bound to notice differences in landscape, flora and fauna. You do snakes well.

The characters are clearly defined and totally believable. We can relate to them and we want them to succeed. The reader feels the tension, sadness and relief they feel. The settings are well described and the reader can easily place themselves there. I enjoyed reading the book and look forward to your next production.   

Margaret Bevege PhD

NEW books by Elizabeth Rimmington - "Shadow of the Northern Orchid"and "Shadows on the Goldfield Track"

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Elizabeth is an Australian author living in a rural area of South-East Queensland. During a career in nursing followed by several years driving a taxi cab, Elizabeth has met many and varied characters. Some good, some bad, some saints and some sinners, some cheery and some a misery, BUT all very interesting. If each individual was to be measured as a bucket of sea water, the Northern Orchid might have another ocean on which to bend her sails.


A new novelist whose story characters infiltrate the reader’s heart by osmosis. Their laughter, their heartbreak and their pain will fill the booklover’s soul with happiness, tears, fear and empathy.

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