Shadows Across Cape York

Drifting on a timber yardarm following the shipwreck of the Pink Pearl in the Arafura Sea in 1892 had not featured in the plans of the doctors for their triumphant return to their Australian homeland.

Cooktown, the ultimate destination for Doctor Henry George Carson Baldwin and Doctor Edward Benton, floated as an unattainable goalpost on the periphery of their minds.

Even if they survived the dangerous waters of the Gulf of Carpentaria, landing on the western shores of Cape York Peninsula, with the monsoon season only weeks away, did not offer substantial hope for a safe return to civilization.

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Meet the Captain

 Elizabeth is an Australian author living in a rural area of South-East Queensland. Born in North Queensland, Elizabeth retains a deep love for Queensland and the north. During a career in nursing followed by several years driving a taxi cab, Elizabeth has met many and varied people from all walks of life. A storehouse of memories from which to plunder and develop story characters able to infiltrate the reader’s heart by osmosis. Their laughter, their heartbreak and their pain will fill the booklover’s soul with happiness, tears, fear and empathy.

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